Fine imposed on doctor, hospital for wrong operation

admin 12:22 AM, 27 Jan, 2014

Fine imposed on Doctor in Faisalabad, Pakistan

Faisalabad: The doctor who performed operation on backbone instead of rib making a young girl paraplegic may go scot free after paying a fine. The hospital has also been fined for the same reason.

It is a pity that a doctor who did such a grave mistake putting the life of a promising young girl in complete jeopardy will continue to practice. The doctor Rasool Chaudhry an orthopaedic may continue to play havoc with the lives of patients after committing a blunder on this girl.

His license to practice medicine should be cancelled and hospital sealed so that people seeking treatment can be saved. If this is not done then one can only assume that the authorities have put a price tag on lives of common people rather than correcting the system.



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