Safety measures must be implemented to prevent Ebola in Pakistan: Experts

admin 12:08 PM, 23 Oct, 2014

Karachi: President, Pakistan Society of Microbiology, Prof Shahana Urooj Kazmi on Wednesday demanded of the government to impose ban on foreign travelers coming from Ebola virus infected countries to Pakistan under precautionary measures.

Speaking to the media, she said people who come from Ebola virus infected countries with fever must be kept in quarantine for 21 days. She said Ebola virus spreads through bats and pigs. She stressed the need of conducting serology surveys in Pakistan.

Prof Shahana Urooj said the Government should implement serious precautionary measures at all airports, seaports, entrance and exit points to control the prevalence Ebola disease. She said high-fever, diarrhea and bleeding may be symptoms of Ebola patients.  She said airport staff must check all documents of passengers to avoid the possible spread this deadly disease.
Prof Kazmi said it was not confirmed yet that Ebola viral disease spread through air but there is 60-70% chance of death once an individual contracts the disease. She said because of the nature of its spread, serology surveys of bats and pigs for Ebola virus are necessary in Pakistan.

She said federal government should establish bio-safety level 3 & 4 laboratories, and the staff of these laboratories must be provided personal protective gear. She suggested the authorities concerned must set up vector-borne disease surveillance & control centers in all the major cities of Pakistan with mobile laboratories facilities.
She further stated that these centers should be assigned to acquire environmental, human, animal and insect samples for data analysis. She said all laboratories of city must implement bio-safety laws as they so as to protect the staff and other patients from acquiring exposure to the harmful disease.