Recruitment Of New Nurses Soon To Be Performed By PPSC

Haseeb Uddin 04:36 PM, 6 Sep, 2018

LAHORE- Whilst addressing a delegation of Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), the Punjab Health Minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid recently stated that, around 2,200 nurses will soon be recruited through the Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) to overcome the shortage of staff in the public sector’s health facilities.

Keeping the role of nursing staff in consideration, she stressed that the Government of Punjab would take all necessary measures to solve the ongoing problems that are being faced by the nursing staff.

Punjab Health Minister, Dr. Yasmin had been raising her voice for the rights of nurses with the help of Pakistan Medical Association (PMA).

Moreover, she shed light over the agenda of our new government led by PTI, and how they want to bring about betterment in the society. She also added that to achieve this target, Prime Minister Imran Khan and Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Sardar Usman Buzdar are diligently working day and night.

Dr. Yasmin Rashid further added that, serving the ailing humanity could be a source of blessings for everyone in the world and hereafter, and she along her team, will take all possible steps to explore more potential in the profession of Nursing. She also warned the delegation that any sort of mistreatment of any patient, particularly during emergencies will not be tolerated, and action will be taken against the involved culprits.