Finance Czar Ishaq Dar meets Pharma companies

MN Report 07:31 PM, 28 Oct, 2022
Finance Czar Ishaq Dar meets Pharma companies

ISLAMABAD: Mr Muhammad Ishaq Dar, federal minister for finance and revenue, met with the CEOs of pharmaceutical businesses involved in producing Paracetamol products.

The meeting evaluated the maximum retail price and scarcity of paracetamol products in the country and discussed the measures for the uninterrupted supply and market availability of paracetamol goods at a reasonable price.

It has been reported that growing import prices of pharmaceutical raw materials and rising production expenses worsen the market shortage of key medications. To alleviate the shortage, the pharmaceutical executives asked for a significant increase in the price of paracetamol products.

Pharmaceutical producers have simultaneously initiated the production of paracetamol-based medications. Tariq Bajwa, the Special Assistant, also attended the meeting.