Makkah Health Cluster all set for Ramadan operations

Press Release 03:11 PM, 13 Mar, 2024
Makkah Health Cluster all set for Ramadan operations

ISLAMABAD: The Makkah Health Cluster has announced its preparedness for the upcoming blessed month of Ramadan, ensuring that all hospitals and affiliated health centers are ready to deliver integrated medical services of the highest standard under comprehensive plans supervised by the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health.

As per the Saudi Press Agency, eight hospitals and 43 health centers have finalized preparations to execute the plans, while Ajyad Emergency Hospital remains operational 24/7, providing healthcare to visitors to the Grand Mosque.

Furthermore, three emergency centers, equipped with the latest medical equipment, are available within the Holy Mosque’s corridors, while Al-Haram Hospital operates within its northern courtyards.

The health cluster has employed all available resources to train personnel, enhance their skills, and fulfill necessary requirements. Outpatient clinics across all hospitals and centers are open to receive patients and deliver healthcare services, along with ongoing medical programs at the highest level.

The agency says that efficient coordination between affiliated centers and hospitals ensures seamless provision of health services, facilitating swift acceptance and transfer of cases based on medical urgency.

To deal with stroke cases, all hospitals in Makkah utilize a dedicated hotline and interface with the SEHA Virtual Hospital, adhering to international standards to effectively manage and save lives.

Similarly, King Abdullah Medical City serves as the primary referral hospital for heart and stroke cases, ensuring prompt treatment through rigorous medical coordination within the Makkah Health Cluster.

Emergency departments at Al-Noor Specialist, King Faisal, King Abdulaziz, Hira General, Ajyad, and Maternity and Children Hospitals are fully equipped to handle all cases, reaffirming the commitment to emergency healthcare services, the press agency concludes.