Kidney-selling gang member arrested

02:09 PM, 25 Mar, 2024
Kidney-selling gang member arrested

LAHORE: Police claimed to have arrested a man allegedly working for a gang involved in selling human kidneys.

Iqbal Town Superintendent of Police (SP) Akhlaq Ullah Tarar told a press conference that the arrested suspect, Nadeem, along with his accomplice Shoaib, lured a laborer Saleem by offering painting work at a house.

According to the SP, the accused allegedly administered an intoxicating beverage to Saleem before transporting him to Islamabad, where a doctor named Dr Zafar performed kidney extraction procedures.

The SP further disclosed that the accused would target vulnerable people from various regions, enticing them with financial incentives in exchange for their kidneys.

It was revealed that the accused promised victims Rs450,000 for their kidneys but only paid Rs50,000 to them upon extraction, exploiting the impoverished and desperate circumstances of the victims.