PIMA, food chain sign MoU for Gaza medical aid

Press Release 10:16 AM, 9 Mar, 2024
PIMA, food chain sign MoU for Gaza medical aid

ISLAMABAD:  Under a recently signed memorandum of understanding (MoU), Cheezious, a pizza chain, will contribute Rs50 for every meal sold to assist the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) efforts to provide medical relief to people in Gaza.

The PIMA is providing medical supplies and helping treatment of the injured in the territory facing atrocities by Israeli forces, resulting in death and misery.

As per a press release, the MoU titled "Every Order Counts" was signed at a ceremony, where Dr. Iftikhar Burney, General Secretary of PIMA, and Umer Farooq, Executive Director of Cheezious, represented their respective organizations.

The event was also attended by Dr. Saeedullah Shah, President of PIMA, Islamabad; Brig. Dr. Asif Nawaz, Former President; Zihaib Hassan, Head of Marketing; and Azam Shafi, Director of Corporate Affairs.

During his address, Dr. Burney highlighted the significance of collective benevolence, rooted deeply in Islamic teachings. He emphasized that the MoU is a step towards fulfilling this moral obligation, especially in the current context of assisting the people of Gaza.

He stressed the need to end the blockade in Rafah/Gaza and establish secure humanitarian corridors for the unhindered delivery of medical aid, sustenance, and the safe evacuation of the injured.

"We welcome the active involvement of the private sector in extending essential medical assistance to Gaza," remarked Dr. Burney, acknowledging the role it plays in fighting the humanitarian crises.

The initiative represents the enduring spirit of compassion and solidarity, uniting PIMA and Cheezious in their shared mission to serve humanity. Through concerted efforts and partnerships like these, both organizations aim to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those in need, particularly in regions facing acute challenges, the press release says.