'Get Into Healthcare' initiative continues transforming lives

Press Release 03:42 PM, 11 Mar, 2024
'Get Into Healthcare' initiative continues transforming lives

ISLAMABAD: The 'Get Into Healthcare' programme, a collaborative initiative for youth empowerment and skill development, by the Indus Hospital and Health Network (IHHN), Prince’s Trust International, the Chanan Development Association (CDA), and the Lord Sarfraz Foundation (LSF), marked successful completion of another cycle, at a ceremony recently held in Karachi.

This flagship initiative, aimed at bridging the gap between education and employment, has once again shown its impact by transforming the lives of young individuals aspiring to pursue careers in the healthcare sector, according to a press release.

At the event, keynote speakers from IHHN, Prince’s Trust International, and CDA shared inspiring stories of the programme’s success, striving to reduce youth unemployment and skill mismatch in Pakistan’s labor market.

Dr. Zafar Zaidi, CEO of Indus Hospital & Health Network, says, "Partnerships such as the one we have with Prince’s Trust International for the Get Into programme are essential for us and our students to receive first-rate skill development and global perspectives."

Prince’s Trust International CEO Will Straw says, "It has been great to see the positive impact that Get Into Healthcare has had on young people. Ninety percent of young people on the programme now feel that they have an increase in skills required to prosper in the healthcare sector. We hope that our partnership with Indus Hospital and Health Network will continue to inspire many more young people to consider the sector, helping them to secure meaningful and sustainable careers."

Chanan Development Association Executive Director Shahzad Khan appreciated the programme saying, “We’re proud of our partnerships with IHHN and Prince’s Trust International for the ‘Get into Healthcare’ program, addressing the pressing need to develop soft skills. These skills are crucial for fostering confidence in young people’s careers and personal growth.”

He especially lauded the courageous young women breaking societal barriers, empowering themselves, and making valuable contributions to healthcare.

The event also highlighted the journey of a 19-year-old Operation Theatre Technician at the Indus Hospital, Mutahira, whose life has been transformed by the ‘Get Into Healthcare’ programme. Mutahira says, “I feel that my confidence has remarkably increased”.

The press release says that her journey from a participant to a valued healthcare professional is a testament to the programme’s effectiveness in building confidence and communication skills among young individuals. Her story serves as a beacon of hope for others and calls for the continued support of such initiatives. With 81pc of the participants showing positive outcomes post-completion, the ‘Get Into Healthcare’ programme has proven to be a great help for young people like Mutahira in securing meaningful employment and contributing to their families and society.

The collaboration between IHHN and Prince’s Trust International, along with local partners like the Chanan Development Association and the Lord Sarfraz Foundation underscores a collective commitment to empowering the youth of Pakistan and providing a platform for young people to learn, earn and thrive.

The success stories of graduates of the Get Into Healthcare programme serve as a powerful reminder of the youth’s potential and through such initiatives a brighter, healthier future for Pakistan could be ensured, the press release concludes.