CM Punjab Hamza has slashed wheat prices by a massive amount

MN Report 10:14 PM, 19 May, 2022
CM Punjab Hamza has slashed wheat prices by a massive amount

LAHORE: To alleviate the public's suffering, Hamza Shehbaz, Chief Minister of Punjab, approved an Rs160 discount on a 10kg bag of wheat under the Rs200 billion provincial subsidy.

CM Punjab Hamza Shahbaz approved cutting down prices of wheat

The government has decided to lower wheat prices, as the Pakistani rupee depreciated to a much-anticipated Rs200 per dollar on Wednesday in the interbank market. 

For the first time, the country's foreign exchange reserves have fallen below $10.3 billion, which supports only six weeks' worth of imports, rather than the customary three months' worth.

CM Punjab on Imran Khan's inept policies

During Imran Khan's time as prime minister, the Punjab CM said that the country was paralyzed. 

He claimed that Imran was using his political rhetoric to divide and upset the country.

The governor of Punjab and the one "sitting in the office of the president" prevented the provincial chief executive from forming a cabinet, which he blamed on the "sickness" that afflicted them.

CM Hamza went on to say that Imran was the one who initially refused to seek a loan from the IMF but eventually agreed to all of their terms.



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