Rising prices influence mental health as per BBC survey

MN Report 09:09 PM, 17 Jun, 2022
Rising prices influence mental health as per BBC survey

UNITED KINGDOM: According to a poll commissioned by the BBC, people suffering from the rising cost of living are cutting back on food and automobile travel to save money.

Rising Prices (Inflation) Effects on Mental Health: BBC Survey

More than half (56%) of the 4,011 individuals surveyed had purchased less food, and the same percentage had skipped meals.

The findings demonstrate the far-reaching effects of prices growing quickly in forty years.

Many individuals have reduced their clothing and social expenditures. Some claim that their mental health has suffered.

The study of 4,011 UK people commissioned by the BBC and conducted in early June sheds light on how the economic situation affects lives and financial, physical, and mental health.

In recent months, domestic energy, gasoline, and food prices have risen dramatically, and the findings indicate that more than eight in ten individuals (81 percent) are concerned about the growing cost of living.

Moreover, two-thirds of those questioned said the government assistance supplied thus far was insufficient.

According to the most recent findings, two-thirds (66%) of individuals with fears reported that their mental health was suffering. Nearly half (45%) reported that their physical health had been negatively impacted.



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