CM Hamza Shahbaz vows to provide free healthcare facilities

MN Report 10:01 PM, 16 May, 2022
CM Hamza Shahbaz vows to provide free healthcare facilities

GUJRAT: After arriving in Gujrat, Hamza Shahbaz, CM Punjab, visited Aziz Bhatti Teaching Hospital.

CM Hamza Shahbaz to provide free medical facilities

The CM made rounds to various wards, checking up on patients and getting the lowdown on how they were doing. 

According to Hamza Shahbaz, he inquired about the availability of medical facilities and access to drugs. 

When CM Hamza visited the surgical ward, he inquired about an elderly woman's illness with her daughter. 

Sitting on the ward bench, he directed the staff to treat the female patient in a certain way.

Hamza Shahbaz reassured an old woman's daughter that he would do everything in his power to ensure that her mother was treated humanely. 

The Chief Minister also visited both the Neurosurgery Ward and the Rasheeda Shafi Trauma Center. 

He learned about the treatment of a young patient, Rabia Abbas, from the doctor and was instructed to set up a phone call with her following her surgery. 

The CM Hamza also visited each patient one-on-one and inquired about their well-being. 

He also verified the emergency pharmacy's supply of injections and asked the Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital to build functional MRI and other critical equipment. 

Wazirabad Institute of Cardiology was also ordered to be fully operational by CM. 

In addition, he ordered the Secretary of Health to ask the C & W Department to repair a crack in a ward's wall as soon as possible after he saw it.

CM Hamza orders to deliver High Quality Drugs

The CM Hamza Shahbaz ordered that every patient who came to the hospital for treatment be given high-quality drugs. 

To emphasise his commitment to improving hospital care for the general public, he stated that he was doing everything in his power. 

He revealed that free drugs had begun to be distributed in the hospitals, and he insisted that all citizens of Punjab had a right to free and top-quality healthcare. 

Hamza made a promise to the people of the hospitals that they would have access to high-quality medical care.



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