Aerial Firing: When Celebrations Cost Lives

Yusra Memon 02:06 PM, 11 Nov, 2021
Aerial Firing: When Celebrations Cost Lives
Source: Photo by Will Porada on Unsplash

Many people participate in aerial firing on big events such as New Year’s Eve, wedding days, and huge parties to celebrate. Also known as celebratory gunfire, it carries a risk of death because the bullet returns with as much force from the air to penetrate one’s body.

These unfortunate events can cost your life if you don’t prevent mindless celebrations or refuse to take safety measures. Keep reading to know more about aerial firing and how you can stay safe from this unnecessary health risk.

The Science Behind Gunfire Causing Death

Celebratory gunfire is responsible for wounding hundreds and killing dozens of people in a single year. It’s no rocket science that bullets can be dangerous. When you fire a typical AK-47 gun, the bullet leaves the muzzle at approximately 1500 miles per hour (about 670 meters per second), or approximately double the speed of sound. 

Because a bullet’s energy is concentrated in such a small area, it can easily penetrate your skin, causing severe internal damage and even death. 

In regard to the thickness of skin, a typical adult’s skin has more elasticity and thickness and hence is harder for a bullet to penetrate. In babies and young children, the skin is thinner. While the skin of the elderly is thicker but less elastic, making it more prone to tearing and punctures.

How Can You Stay Safe from Aerial Firing

To prevent any gunshot injury to your skin or body organs from aerial gun firing, it is always best to avoid big events where people resort to using firearms aimlessly. If you choose to attend such an event, keep in mind that firing a gun into the air causes a potential hazard for people within a two-mile radius of the person firing the gun. The danger will not subside until a full two minutes have passed since the final gunshot.

The reason that you resort to aerial firing to express your freedom or happiness shows apathy towards others. It also shows complete ignorance about the potential injury or death threat faced by innocent bystanders. Until our government implements stronger laws regarding the carrying of firearms, people who own legal arms should observe control and only use them when necessary. 

Yusra Memon
Yusra Memon

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