Pharma case study series seminar by PPMA

MN Report 01:02 PM, 11 Aug, 2022
Pharma case study series seminar by PPMA

Karachi: PPMA conducts its seminar titled, ‘PPMA Pharma case study series’ featuring Dr Zaheer ud din Babar and Dr Hamid Merchant. The seminar shall be covering two major topics: “Forming a Medicines’ Pricing Policy” and “Role of Drug Development in Healthcare Delivery”

The seminar is currently being held at Pearl Continental Hotel and has been divided into two sessions covering two subjects “Forming a Medicines’ Pricing Policy” and “Role of Development in Healthcare Delivery”.

The first session is being conducted by Dr Zaheer ud din Babar (Professor in Medicines’ and Healthcare, University of Huddersfield). A presentation, followed by the question and answer session took place. Dr Zaheer, very eloquently conducted the presentation session, during which, he spoke of the importance of policymaking in developing countries such as Pakistan for the provision of affordable medicines for the people. Nearing the end of the question and answer session, Dr. Zaheer said

“My request to the government would be to work towards value based pricing. Pharmaceuticals are an essential part of the healthcare sector. This is not because I am a pharmacist. It is because in developing countries 60% to 80% of the expenditure is pharmaceutical related.”

The first session thus comes to a close. Following a networking lunch break, the second session shall begin. In the second session, Dr Hamid Merchant (Subject Leader in Pharmacy, University of Huddersfield) shall speak about the importance of drug development in Pakistan and its effect on healthcare delivery for the Pakistani population.