Administration told to provide aid to populace: Hamza Shahbaz

MN Report 07:39 PM, 10 Jun, 2022
Administration told to provide aid to populace: Hamza Shahbaz

LAHORE: Hamza Shahbaz, Chief Minister of Punjab, stated that administrative machinery and politicians had been mobilised to bring relief to the price-hike-affected populace.

CM Punjab Hamza Shahbaz to Provide Relief To The Masses

He stated that provincial ministers, elected representatives, and political aides had been tasked with engaging with the people and monitoring the activities.

According to a news release, the Chief Minister instructed the elected representatives to visit every large and small city in order to discover the prices of basic foods and to assure the distribution of goods at set prices.

Deputy Commissioners And Assistant Commissioners of Punjab to Bring Down Prices

He stated that the performance of Deputy and Assistant Commissioners would be evaluated based on the measures taken to regulate pricing. Hamza Shahbaz stated that the process of monitoring the efforts being done for price control in each district had begun and that a report detailing each district's operations would also be compiled. He disclosed that the decision to penalise or spare would be based on the performance of each district.

The Chief Minister stressed that individuals performing meritorious work will be recognised and that there would be zero tolerance for any breakdown in pricing control. Those found neglectful in implementing price control measures to give assistance to the masses will be held accountable, he said.



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