Public Awareness program of Teethes Seminar conducted by Baqai Medical University

admin 12:45 PM, 8 Nov, 2016

Karachi: Baqai Dental College organized a seminar on “Public Awareness program of Teethes” at Baqai Medical Complex - Khuda Ki Basti. The objective of the seminar was to aware students and patients about the health and care of teethes, that’s how we take care of teethes and what are the basic needs of healthy teethes.

Dr. Syed Mumtaz Ali, Dental Surgeon, Baqai Dental College presented slides on “Humare Dant or Humari Sehat” the purpose of these slides to aware audience and public about the “healthy teeth and healthy life”. He said that, there are three major teeth diseases, Teeth pain, bleeding from the gums and the most dangerous one is “Mouth Cancer”. Human teethes consists of three layers white surface, greenish surface and the third one is pulses.

Furthermore, he said that Nicotine, Pan, Supari, Gutka, Meanpuri, Naswar, Cigrates, Sheesha etc creates major diseases in mouth and teethes. Nicotine is the way of suicide; we should avoid the use of nicotine. He advised to brushed teethes twice daily to make teeth more secure from germs and avoid Jung food, sugar, chocolates, ice-creams, candies etc. This stuff badly damages teeth’s health and create cavities, germs etc.

At the end of seminar a short cartoon clip on “Teeth” was presented for Saleemullah Faheemi Secondary School, students.



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