Practice Precaution! Syringes Must Be Discarded On Spot to Avoid Reuse

Haseeb Uddin 03:17 PM, 6 Jun, 2018

Saviour Club, Nishtar Hospital Multan:

Prof Dr. Salman Waris, Head of Anesthesia Department and ICU, Nishtar Hospital Multan, discussed the proper usage and disposal of syringes, during the lucky draw of Savior Club at Nishtar Hospital Multan.

He greatly appreciated Otsuka Company’s efforts in spreading awareness regarding ‘needle stick injuries’ and ‘IV drip pricking’ in medical profession. He strongly condemned the act of pricking and discouraged the medical staff from unnecessary usage of needles during procedures, and if used, then it must be discarded on spot to avoid repacking and reuse. He informed that, reused syringes are the main source of spreading deadly diseases.

Prof Salman emphasized upon the need of putting up proper SOP regarding drip infusions and needle stick injuries, in every health facility’s ICU and Hospital Wards. Nurses should know the complete process of insertion of IV set into the IV bottle, to avoid any complications. He suggested that proper practical training of paramedics should be done on regular basis. If proper mechanism of sterilization is followed and needles and syringes are disposed off safely, then the risk of transmissible diseases like Hepatitis, HIV Aids would drastically reduce.

He strongly suggested Otsuka to provide needle cutters in hospital wards, to avoid contamination and reuse.

Prof. Salman also stated that, campaigns in peripheral towns should be held, to spread awareness against water borne diseases due to usage of contaminated water.

Marketing Manager Otsuka, Muhammad Arshad Khan stated that, their company is committed to providing qualitative products at affordable prices to the medical community and patients.

Furthermore, he added that, the foundation of Savior Club was initiated in the early 2000s by Otsuka team. Since then, the lucky draw activity is a monthly program. More than 5000 members and doctors are playing their role, in spreading awareness across the country.

Dr. Uzma Product Manager discussed regarding Otsuka’s updated scientific services offered to the medical personnel.

Dr. Ammar Medical Advisor Otsuka, stated that, their company focuses on ethical practice with corporate social responsibility (CSR) for humanity and scientific services. He added that, Otsuka is exploring new fields, with stronger concepts of service. Currently, it is the leading IV fluid manufacturer, worldwide; and founder of new composition in fluid therapy for balancing electrolytes in critical conditions.

Lastly, Chief Guest Prof Dr. Salman Waris performed the lucky draw and declared Dr. Ahmad Shahl of Nishtar Hospital Multan as the lucky winner.



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