Punjab forms strategy to curb price hike across province

MN Report 01:56 AM, 5 Jun, 2022
Punjab forms strategy to curb price hike across province

LAHORE: Hamza Shahbaz, CM Punjab, forms a committee including deputy commissioners to curb the inflation in Punjab.

Hamza Shahbaz on Price Hike in Punjab 

Under the leadership of Hamza Shehbaz, Chief Minister of Punjab, a comprehensive strategy has been developed to combat price increases and hoarding, and responsibilities have been delegated to price control committees and deputy commissioners around the province.

To ensure that pricing control committees were meeting on a daily basis in all DC offices around the province, CM ordered that they do so via video link. 

Committees to lower the price of roti at Tandoors were formed in concept when the CM ordered that all stores, booths, and markets show the same pricing list.

Price regulation, according to the CM Hamza, was an act of service to mankind, and as such, it should be carried out in a way that benefits citizens.

First and foremost, he said, "We are accountable to Allah Almighty, and then to the people." He said that he would remain in the field to oversee pricing controls. 

In addition, Hamza Shahbaz said, ministers and other officials should come out.

Wholesale Faisalabad dealers who said they would not profit from price increases on pulses were welcomed by the CM, who said the business community should be commended for its support of the government's attempts to prevent price increases in these unique circumstances.

The CM recommended that price control magistrates be given professional training in order to treat retailers fairly.

According to him, former local body chairmen and councillors should monitor the price control situation across Punjab, and the worst-affected districts should be regularly watched on the dashboard of the cell established in the CM's Office.

The sale price should be set in accordance with the reality on the ground. 

Hamza Shehbaz told ministers and political assistants to keep an eye on their regions and urged them to step up supervision of interprovincial flour shipments. 

He came to the conclusion that the DCs and price control committees should go to the marketplaces and meet with local journalists.

Attendees at the conference included provincial ministers Sardar Awais Leghari and Atta Tarar; legislators, such as Bilal Yasin and Nadeem Kamran; IGP and secretary-general Kh. Wasim; and MP Marghoob Ahmad, as well as chief secretary Malik Khalid Mahmood Babur and others.



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