CM Punjab Hamza Shahbaz to initiate solar water plants project

MN Report 05:01 AM, 1 Jun, 2022
CM Punjab Hamza Shahbaz to initiate solar water plants project

BAHAWALPUR: CM Punjab Hamza to launch solar water plant project in Cholistan.

Hamza Shahbaz takes initiative for Solar Water Plant Project in Cholistan

Hamza Shahbaz, chief minister of Punjab, announced that a pilot project of solar water plants would be initiated to deliver water to the Cholistan. He stated that pertinent items should be concluded as soon as possible, as the administration permanently wished to settle this issue.

Following his visit to Bahawalpur, he presided over a meeting in which the Bahawalpur commissioner reported that 34 locations had been chosen to install solar water pumps.

Malik Abrar Ahmad, Khalid Mahmood, the Irrigation secretary, and others attended the meeting.

CM Punjab Hamza to establish facilities to mitigate effects of heatstroke and other diseases in Cholistan

On this occasion, CM Punjab Hamza Shahbaz stated that permanent availability of water should be assured by water bowsers in Cholistan's rural areas, along with the establishment of a dispensary for treating heatstroke and other diseases. He also declared that he would soon visit Bahawalpur.



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