Acknowledging Safe Infusion Practices In Medicine; Rectifying Malpractice

Haseeb Uddin 02:34 PM, 6 Jun, 2018

Mir Khalil ur Rehman Memorial Society, organized a seminar, regarding the provision of safe drug infusion methodologies during treatment and other surgical interventions.

The seminar was attend by well known speakers, such as, Prof Sher Shah Syed, Prof Ejaz Vohra, Prof Saeed Qureshi, Prof Tipu Sultan, Prof Badar Fiyyaz Zuberi, Prof Nadeem Alam, Dr. Qaiser Sajjad, and Abdul Waheed Sheikh, Special Secretary Health, Government of Sindh.

 Dr. Sher Shah Syed informed his fellow attendees that, due to lack of practical education amongst our paramedical staff, the rate of transmissible deadly diseases have greatly increased. Unnecessary use of drips and pricking of IV fluid bottles, both increase the risks of spreading diseases.

Prof Dr. Saeed Qureshi Vice Chancellor DUHS stated that, infusion is a very basic yet critical medical practice. It comprises of 3 parts, prescribing, quality assurance of medicinal product, followed by appropriate application. He added that it is very important to train the doctors and paramedical staff, under international guidelines to practice safe infusion.

Prof Dr. Tipu Sultan discussed the matter concerning usage of drips in remote areas with non-sterilized instruments, resulting in cases of hepatitis and HIV Aids.  Prof Tipu further stated that, Sindh Health Commission is trying to regulate health sectors, to build up qualitative services.

Prof Ejaz and Prof. Badar Fayyaz Zuberi HOD CHK, mentioned that, pricking of IV bottles is wrong practice. Reusing needles even just to prick the IV bottle is a huge source of spreading hepatitis and associated diseases. Meanwhile, Dr. Qaiser Sajjad discussed the myth our society carries on, regarding drips being essential for patient stability. He clarified that excessive use of drips may lead to painful incidents.

Secretary Health Sindh, Abdul Waheed Sheikh said that Sindh Government is trying to upgrade health facilities and developing new hospitals with improved policies; followed by upgrading the medical teaching faculties in Sindh.

Prof Dr. Shamas Nadeem Alam stressed upon the importance of product quality, Whereas, Dr. Nadeem appreciated the new composition of IV fluid for management of electrolytes during surgical procedures. He also emphasized on prick free infusions, with sterilized instruments. He disclosed that needle injuries are common in hospitals and clinics, due to heavy work load.

Dr. Minhaj Qidwai, IBA advocated the implementation of regular health awareness programs in educational institutions, to increase awareness amongst students regarding basic health.

Syed Yasir Ali, AKUH informed that, all medicines should be kept on room temperature and quality assurance should be thorough. Due to the power shortage faced by our country, temperatures of pharmacies must be maintained for safety of drugs.




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