PIMA condemns Kyrgyzstan violence against medical students

05:25 PM, 20 May, 2024
PIMA condemns Kyrgyzstan violence against medical students

KARACHI: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has expressed deep concern over the violence against Pakistani medical students in Kyrgyzstan and has called for immediate action to ensure their safety.

In a statement, PIMA Central President Dr. Abdul Aziz Memon said that according to reports, more than ten thousand Pakistani medical students are studying in Kyrgyzstan. The incidents of violence against Pakistani and international students is a cause for concern and urgent steps required to stop it.

We consider the response from the Government of Pakistan and the Pakistani Embassy to be extremely inadequate and regrettable.

PIMA asserts that the safety and well-being of Pakistani students should be our top priority. We stand in full solidarity with the Pakistani students residing in Kyrgyzstan.

He added that steps should be taken in coordination with the Kyrgyzstan government to bring the perpetrators of these attacks to justice and to provide a safe and peaceful educational environment for Pakistani students.

The Pakistani Embassy should ensure all necessary measures to assist the students, address their concerns, and provide them with all kinds of information.