Shortage of Anti-Tetanus injections in Lahore causes concern

10:00 AM, 18 May, 2024
Shortage of Anti-Tetanus injections in Lahore causes concern

Lahore is currently facing a severe shortage of anti-tetanus injections, making it almost impossible to obtain them, even in private clinics and hospitals. Medical experts emphasize that the injection must be administered within 72 hours of injury to be effective.
According to reports, the scarcity of anti-tetanus injections is causing significant difficulties for injured patients, highlighting the urgent need for restocking to ensure timely treatment.
Pharma manufacturers’ have stated that an international injection company has stopped production, hence the biggest reason for the shortage. A vaccine supplier having a large market share and various other companies are also the reason behind the shortage as the suppl in other countries as well.
Punjab Health Minister has said that it may take one month for tetanus injections to come on the market. He is in touch with the company that makes them.
He said that the injection raw material is being tested in the drip, and the tetanus vaccine and life-saving drugs’ shortage will not be tolerated in any case.