PM calls for global commitment to fight malaria

04:00 PM, 30 Apr, 2024
PM calls for global commitment to fight malaria

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif emphasized the necessity for political will and effective investment strategies to achieve a world free from malaria, urging collective efforts to combat the disease.

In his message on World Malaria Day, the PM underscored the importance of learning from shared experiences and supporting collective efforts in combating the disease.

He says that this year's theme, "Advancing health equity, gender equality, and human rights," is a call to engage various stakeholders, including policymakers, donors, healthcare providers, and community members, in the fight against malaria.

Mr Sharif urged research and academic institutions to focus on scientific advancements, and asked international partners, companies, and foundations to explore avenues for scaling up malaria control interventions.

Reflecting on the government's objectives, the PM called for mobilizing greater participation in combating the disease, which afflicts over 1 million Pakistanis annually. While acknowledging the country's achievements in malaria control, he highlighted the persistent challenge of sustaining these gains.

Asserting the right of every individual to a healthy and dignified life, the PM advocated for accessible, high-quality malaria testing and treatment facilities free of charge at their doorstep.

Acknowledging the collaborative efforts of various entities, including the Ministry of National Health Services and Coordination, national and international partners, provincial governments, NGOs, and private stakeholders, Mr Sharif lauded the enhancements in free malaria testing and treatment facilities across malaria-endemic districts nationwide.

Recognizing the indispensable role of the private sector and global partners in providing equitable healthcare services, the PM called upon all stakeholders, organizations, healthcare professionals, and individuals to unite in their endeavors to eradicate malaria.

He also stressed the need for collective action to raise awareness about preventive and control measures against malaria.