PIMA expresses concern over crowded markets

Dr Muattar Hanif 07:38 PM, 15 May, 2020
KARACHI: The Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has expressed grave concern over the crowding situation in the markets and on the streets after the government announced the lift on the lockdown, which was already only partial and ineffective to a larger extent.

The PIMA stated that tens of millions of people flooded the shops and markets of non-essential goods on the first day after the end of lockdown, multiplying the risk of the exponential spread of the corona infection in a matter of days hence putting the public’s health in danger.

The PIMA warned that the already fragile and long-neglected healthcare system would inevitably collapse in such circumstances. The PIMA cautioned that the lower level of literacy, poor understanding of the gravity of the illness, and the state of denial among the masses under the influences of fake social media propaganda against even the existence of the disease, would never let people follow the SOPs of trading practices. This was witnessed on the first day following the end of the lockdown. The SOPs were shattered both by the people and the marketers.

Healthcare professionals are under tremendous stress and pressure. The hot summers and Ramadan, along with the grossly inadequate healthcare facilities and more frontline soldiers contracting the infection every day is adding to their misery.

The PIMA criticized the Federal Government for easing the lockdown without any planning and discipline. The LEA also failed to enforce any SOPs in the markets and remained idle on useless barriers on main streets just to cause severe hindrance in the flow of traffic.

The PIMA appealed to the government to immediately review its decision to lift the lockdown or ease it out only with the application of a highly scientific strategy or prepare for the worst.

-MN Report