PMA Expresses Concern Over Assigning Doctors For Election Duties

Haseeb Uddin 06:52 AM, 29 Jul, 2018
KARACHI- Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) Centre and PMA Karachi demanded from the government to exempt medical personnel including, doctors and nurses from performing election duties; or else our health delivery system would disintegrate during the Election Day.

A high level meeting of PMA Centre and PMA Karachi was held at PMA House, Karachi. The officials took notice of the situation according to which doctors at large have been nominated for performing duties, on the day of polling in the country.

As it is a well-known fact that, medical practitioners are always considered as the people of essential services; they already have a big responsibility to provide health care during any circumstances.

25th of July will be a very sensitive day for the country, keeping that in mind, doctors and their vital services should be easily accessible.

PMA strongly demanded that all medical personnel including doctors and nurses be spared from performing election duties, so they can focus on providing medical cover to the people across the country.