Seven more children succumb to pneumonia in Punjab

Press Release 02:43 PM, 27 Jan, 2024
Seven more children succumb to pneumonia in Punjab

LAHORE: At least seven more children succumbed to pneumonia within the last 24 hours in Punjab, according to the provincial health department.

The province witnessed an alarming surge with 942 new pneumonia cases reported. Lahore alone confirmed 212 new patients, as per private news channels.

So far Punjab has witnessed a total of 244 pneumonia-related deaths, with Lahore accounting for 50 fatalities.

Health experts point to environmental pollution, exacerbated by winter smog, as the underlying cause for the alarming rise in pneumonia cases and deaths across the province. They say that the prevalent smog during winter months significantly contributes to the surge in pneumonia cases.

Pneumonia, often triggered by viral infections, affects the lungs and can grow from mild to severe, commonly following cold or flu symptoms. Notably, pneumonia poses a higher risk to children aged five or younger.

Health authorities in Punjab are actively addressing the rise in pneumonia cases, stressing the importance of public awareness campaigns and preventive measures to contain the infection's spread.