PM urges Ulema to combat anti-vaxxers at polio moot 

Staff Reporter 10:11 AM, 29 Dec, 2023
PM urges Ulema to combat anti-vaxxers at polio moot 

ISLAMABAD: Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, addressing the National Ulema Conference on Polio Eradication called upon religious scholars to unite against those spreading negative propaganda about the polio vaccine, saying that striving for a polio-free Pakistan is a collective responsibility.

During the conference, attended by Ulema from diverse schools of thought, cabinet members, diplomats, and donors, a declaration was adopted rejecting baseless propaganda against the polio vaccine.

The Ulema pledged their unwavering support to the government in its efforts against the crippling virus.

Expressing gratitude to donors and supporters for their assistance in the polio eradication campaign, the premier reiterated Pakistan's commitment to eliminating the disease without any complacency. He acknowledged the societal impact of polio, expressing remorse for the plight of polio-affected children.

Kakar urged the Ulema to follow Islamic principles of investigation before accepting notions related to the polio vaccine, saying that this approach would enhance the effectiveness of their messages from the pulpit.

He highlighted the challenge of reaching remote areas and grassroots levels with the message of polio eradication.

The PM condemned the situation in Gaza and the killing of around 9,000 children by Israeli forces, terming it a failure of humanity. He criticized the absence of accountability for such actions and emphasized the need for global condemnation.

Caretaker Health Minister Dr Nadeem Jan, in his address, affirmed the Ulema's agreement to continue supporting the government's efforts in polio eradication while also promoting messages on other health issues.

Prime Minister’s Special Representative on Religious Harmony and Pakistani Diaspora in the Middle East and Muslim Countries, Hafiz Tahir Mehmood Ashrafi, read out the conference declaration, where the Ulema unanimously declared the polio vaccine permissible for children's safety, stating that it contains no harmful ingredients and has no adverse impact on health.