SCF, Pathfinder set up body on climate change in Hyderabad

Press Release 04:27 PM, 27 Feb, 2024
SCF, Pathfinder set up body on climate change in Hyderabad

HYDERABAD: A Multi-Sectoral Committee (MSC) comprising representatives of government departments and private organizations has been formed by the Sindh Community Foundation, in partnership with Pathfinder International, at the district level, as part of the Advancing the Leadership of Women and Girls towards Better Health and Climate Change Resilience (SURM) project.

The initiative aims to unite representatives of from various stakeholders, including government departments, private organizations, NGOs, local bodies, and community advocates, to adopt a holistic community-based approach towards enhancing health and climate resilience while addressing communication gaps.

Comprising 18 members from critical sectors such as health, education, women's development, social welfare, forestry, agriculture, population welfare departments, and PPHI, alongside civil society organizations and two female community representatives, the MSC has received formal recognition from the District Health Office Thatta.

Under the leadership of Dr. Khalid Qureshi, Chief Medical Officer, the inaugural meeting of the MSC was held at the District Health Office Thatta, where Javed Soz, Head of SCF, explained the committee's responsibilities, emphasizing stakeholder collaboration, monthly discussions on project activities and challenges, gap analysis, and ensuring transparency by minimizing duplication of interventions.

The MSC's objectives also include strengthening community preparedness for health emergencies triggered by floods, outbreaks, and droughts, while empowering communities in decision-making processes to ensure the sustainability of climate-resilient interventions.

During the meeting, Mohammad Bux Khaskheli, District Cluster Coordinator of Pathfinder International, provided an overview of the SURMI project's objectives. These concerted efforts underscore the critical need for coordinated action to tackle climate change and health issues faced by women and girls in the district.