Health minister to ‘serve legal notice’ on Sindh CM 

Staff Reporter 10:39 AM, 27 Feb, 2024
Health minister to ‘serve legal notice’ on Sindh CM 

KARACHI: Caretaker Health Minister Dr. Saad Khalid Niaz has said he will serve a legal notice on Sindh caretaker Chief Minister Maqbool Baqar, alleging that the latter threatened him in the presence of other cabinet members.

Following an exchange of words during a Cabinet meeting, Dr Saad Niaz expressed his intentions to pursue legal action against the CM Baqar.

Recounting the incident, Dr Niaz alleged that CM Baqar became agitated when flaws were pointed out during the previous cabinet meeting, expressing frustration over their failures.

Dr Niaz alleged that the CM threatened him in front of other cabinet members. “I am consulting with legal experts and will serve a legal notice accordingly," the health minister added.

The discord between them intensified during the recent cabinet meeting, with verbal confrontations reaching a point of contention. Both parties accused each other of hindering their respective responsibilities.

Dr Niaz claimed that he faced obstacles in carrying out his duties for the welfare of the people, while Justice (R) Maqbool Baqar responded with similar allegations against the minister.

As per sources, the intensity of the altercation reached to the extent of physical confrontation, with an exchange of heated words and threats in front of other cabinet members.

They said the recent meeting of the caretaker cabinet of Sindh concluded on a bitter note, reflecting the tensions within the interim administration.