Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Nicotine Poisoning While Method Acting

MN Report 05:16 PM, 26 Nov, 2021
Benedict Cumberbatch Gets Nicotine Poisoning While Method Acting
Source: Image taken from Benedict Cumberbatch’s website

HOLLYWOOD: Benedict Cumberbatch, the actor of famed pieces such as the BBC’s ‘Sherlock’, recently recorded his recent nicotine poisoning incident due to method acting a role out for a new movie.

Mr Cumberbatch is actively known for method acting, an immersion technique where artists live out their character’s traits in real life. The ‘Dr Strange’ star ‘started smoking after getting cast as Phil Burbank, a banjo-playing and smoking rancher in the upcoming movie “The Power of the Dog”.

Cumberbatch practised his character’s ordinary, day-to-day traits like fixing horseshoes or playing the Banjo. But it also meant that he had to take on some of the bad attributes, such as not showering and being a heavy chain smoker. Cumberbatch hand-rolled his cigarettes, stating how hard it was to smoke filterless cigarettes after each take. He gave himself nicotine poisoning at least three times. 

“When you have to smoke a lot, it genuinely is horrible.” He lamented.

Nicotine is a chiral alkaloid naturally produced by the tobacco plant; a plant has been used for its medicinal and stimulating properties for at least 2,000 years. Nicotine poisoning is possible in any recreational nicotine smoking agent, even patches. However, E-cigarettes pose the most considerable risk as they use liquid nicotine cartridges, and ingestion of said liquid can be highly toxic.

Early symptoms of nicotine poisoning include nausea, abdominal pain, high blood pressure. More severe poisoning symptoms can range from diarrhoea, seizures, reduced heart rate etc.

Treatments include supportive hydration, cardiorespiratory monitoring, and seizure control.