College of Family Medicine Declared IDF Center of Study

Haseeb Uddin 07:56 PM, 26 Nov, 2018
College of Family Medicine has been declared as “IDF Center of Study.” This is a great honour and achievement for the college. The College launched a certificate course under the leadership of Prof. Zaman Shaikh in April 2016 and has been busy in training doctors across Pakistan for effective management of Diabetes since then. So far the college has trained approximately 300 doctors Pakistan. The College celebrated this event with Prof. Samad Shera as a Chief Guest at the PMA house, Karachi.  At this occasion, Prof. Zaman Shaikh stated that focused activities to fight diabetes across the country was the need of time. A well trained Family Physician not only manages his patients effectively but is able to prevent complications of diabetes by timely mitigation of risks.

Dr Shehla Naseem the Secretary General of the College stressed upon the need of fighting diabetes at all levels. She stated that every 4th adult is a potential diabetic in Pakistan and if serious and timely measures are not taken we would have a huge number of patients suffering with complications. The College started training Family Physicians across the country 2 years ago to manage the disease properly. Today around 300 doctors across the country have been trained. The College was recognized by IDF as “IDF center of Education” based on its efforts to educate doctors to manage Diabetes. - PR