Experts warn of pollen allergy threat in Islamabad, Karachi

Press Release 04:18 PM, 26 Feb, 2024
Experts warn of pollen allergy threat in Islamabad, Karachi

Islamabad/Karachi: As the pollen count rises in March, medical experts have urged pollen allergy patients in the federal capital and Karachi to take necessary preventive measures.

Dr Umar Saeed, an allergy specialist, advised these patients to increase their water intake and avoid visiting green areas during this season to mitigate allergic reactions.

With the onset of spring, many residents of the capital city and Karachi become susceptible to pollen allergies, posing a particular risk to asthma and other allergic patients.

Dr Saeed also advised timely precautions such as wearing face masks, keeping windows and doors closed, especially during dawn and dusk, and avoiding outdoor activities during peak pollen hours.

Warning of the dangers posed by increased pollen levels, particularly for respiratory, asthma, diabetic, and hypertensive patients, Dr. Saeed stressed the importance of flu vaccination, mask usage, frequent hand washing, and maintaining distance from flu patients.

According to Dr. Saeed, pollen concentration is typically low from 10am to around 5pm, but increases significantly from 5am to 10am and again from around 5pm to midnight. He recommended that sensitive individuals stay indoors before 10am and after 5pm during the pollen season, and if outdoor activity is unavoidable, wearing a face mask is essential.

In addition to preventive measures, citizens are advised to maintain a balanced diet, stay hydrated, and ensure adequate sleep. Prompt consultation with physicians upon experiencing symptoms is also strongly advised.