Dr Shahzad Baig honored as ‘global health leader’ 

04:00 PM, 8 May, 2024
Dr Shahzad Baig honored as ‘global health leader’ 

KARACHI: Dr Shahzad Baig becomes the only Pakistani who has been included in the list of the top 100 world leaders in the health sector by the prestigious Time magazine.

Dr Baig, the National Coordinator of the Anti-Polio Program in Pakistan, has been featured in Time magazine's esteemed 2024 list of global leaders, marking a significant milestone for the country.

This international recognition is a testament to Dr. Shahzad's exemplary leadership and tireless efforts in the fight against polio, reaffirming Pakistan's commitment to global health initiatives. His inclusion in the global list is very important for Pakistan on the international stage.

Dr. Baig stands as the sole representative from Pakistan to be honored with this distinction, further enhancing the country’s stature and influence in global health leadership.

This achievement underscores Pakistan's dedication to combating infectious diseases and advancing healthcare under the guidance of remarkable individuals like Dr. Shahzad Baig.