Nine new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Pakistan

Press Release 09:58 AM, 24 Jan, 2024
Nine new Covid-19 cases confirmed in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: A total of nine new cases of the coronavirus were identified throughout the country in the last week, confirms the National Institute of Health (NIH).

According to data released by the NIH, the case positivity ratio stood at 0.33 percent, with no patients reported to be in critical condition.

There were no fatalities attributed to the virus so far, while a total of 2,694 Covid-19 tests were conducted in the country.

Meanwhile, a Ministry for National Health Services, Regulations, and Coordination official says that the roles of Border and Health Services have been fortified across the country to effectively address any potential sub-variants of Covid-19.

The official says a comprehensive surveillance system has been established at all entry points to the country, including airports, with rapid testing and passenger screening ensured at these locations.

It was noted that 90 percent of the country’s population has already received the Covid-19 vaccine.