Malaria Control Program Sindh Experiences Financial Crisis

admin 10:55 AM, 24 Jan, 2019
KARACHI- Malaria Control Program Sindh has suspended their ‘Malaria control’ activities across the province of Sindh, as they have been facing severe financial crises since a year.

Reliable sources at Sindh Malaria Control Program have revealed that the Federal Government stopped funding the vertical programs from June 2017, after end of PC-I. They also directed the Provincial Government to approach Council of Common Interests (CCI) for further extension.

However, concerned authorities from the Health Department of Sindh have shown disinterest towards this matter and delayed approaching the CCI in terms of acquiring extension.

Moreover, Sindh Health Department failed to release Rs 400 million to Sindh Malaria Control Program for malaria control activities, which affected the campaigns that were scheduled to take place from January 2018 to December 2018.

Currently, 1700 employees are working under Sindh Malaria Control Program and are being provided with their salaries on a regular basis.

For now, Malaria control activities such as fumigation, awareness campaigns, availability of medicines, followed by other important activities have been suspended, all due to shortage of funds.

A serious outbreak is expected if, funds are not released to resume the Malaria control program.

In year 2018, Malaria Control Program Sindh recorded 109,000 malaria positive cases across Sindh. However, no death was reported from this mosquito borne disease last year.

Manager, Malaria Control Program Sindh, M. Abbas Gopang was not available for comments.