Punjab CM launches free drug delivery program

12:00 AM, 7 May, 2024
Punjab CM launches free drug delivery program

LAHORE: In a bid to enhance access to healthcare services, Punjab Chief Minister Maryam Nawaz Sharif has launched an initiative to deliver free medicines to individuals suffering from diseases such as Hepatitis, Tuberculosis (TB), and cardiovascular ailments across the province.

Emphasizing the government's commitment to delivering quality healthcare, CM Maryam said this program is a significant step towards meeting the people’s healthcare needs.

She said in the initial phase of the initiative, free medicines will be delivered to 200,000 patients through collaboration with the private sector.

She also revealed plans for the revitalization of 300 Basic Health Units (BHUs) in Punjab, to strengthen healthcare infrastructure in the province.

The CM said the government has expedited the implementation of this welfare scheme within a remarkable span of eight weeks.

She recalled that the project was initiated by former premier Nawaz Sharif and then Punjab CM Shehbaz Sharif, but it was disrupted during the PTI government’s tenure.