NEOC coordinator for collective anti-polio efforts 

10:00 AM, 6 May, 2024
NEOC coordinator for collective anti-polio efforts 

ATTOCK: Dr Shahzad Baig, the coordinator of the National Emergency Operations Center (NEOC) for Polio Eradication, stressed the need for collective societal efforts to eliminate polio from the country, urging parents to administer two drops of the polio vaccine to their children, to rid Pakistan of polio.

Dr Baig declared the eradication of polio as a national cause, calling upon people from all walks of life, including media, religious scholars, teachers, family members, and influencers, to unite and collaborate in this effort.

He stressed the importance of the collective involvement of religious and political parties, individuals from the entertainment industry, and various segments of society to eradicate this disease once and for all.

"We need a final push to eradicate this dreaded disease," Dr. Baig remarked.

Acknowledging the contribution of frontline workers in the polio eradication program, Dr Baig lauded their dedication under challenging circumstances. He urged parents and caregivers to welcome these workers, as they are trying to safeguard the future generations of the country.

Dr. Baig highlighted the challenge of conveying the polio vaccination message to remote areas and grassroots levels, calling for rejection of any negative propaganda surrounding polio vaccination.

Responding to inquiries about refusal cases reported in remote localities, Dr Baig assured ongoing efforts to persuade parents to administer the anti-polio vaccine to their children. He said that the federal government is providing comprehensive assistance and cooperation in this regard.