PMA raps Drap proposal to hike medicine prices

Press Release 06:42 PM, 23 Feb, 2024
PMA raps Drap proposal to hike medicine prices

KARACHI: The Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) has sharply criticized the recent proposal put forth by the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (Drap) to increase medicine prices, saying it will put extra financial burden on the poor patients.

Expressing grave concerns in a statement, the PMA highlighted the potential adverse repercussions of such a decision. It stressed that hiking medicine prices would render healthcare inaccessible to a significant segment of the population, particularly those already grappling with financial constraints.

Moreover, the association warned of the risk of an upsurge in counterfeit medicines as a consequence of the proposed price hike. This, it added, could expose patients to serious health hazards, as counterfeit drugs often lack the requisite efficacy.

The PMA also rebuked the absence of stakeholder consultation before the proposal's submission, calling for a more inclusive and transparent decision-making process with the involvement of healthcare professionals, patients, and other pertinent stakeholders.

Urging the authorities concerned to reconsider their stance, the PMA called for the adoption of measures guaranteeing affordable access to quality medicines for all citizens. It also demanded strict enforcement of relevant regulations to check the sale and distribution of counterfeit drugs within the country.

Expressing deep distress over the proposed increase in medicine prices, the PMA underscored its potential detrimental impact on the healthcare system and patient welfare. It seeks a comprehensive and inclusive approach to address the issues of affordability and accessibility of medicines in Pakistan.