Drap bans harmful drug batches sale 

12:00 PM, 22 Jun, 2024
Drap bans harmful drug batches sale 

KARACHI: The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has banned the sale of certain batches of four medicines, including two cough syrups, due to health concerns, being sold in Punjab.
Drap has issued a product recall alert for these non-standard, hazardous drugs. The Punjab Drug Control Directorate had sent the samples to the testing lab, leading to the discovery and subsequent action.
The ban was slapped after the drug testing laboratory declared these four batches of as many drugs and eight batches of two other medicines, harmful to health. 
The substandard drugs include antibiotics, anti-allergic drops, injections for viral infections, and antibiotic eye drops. Specifically, two cough syrups -- Tozen D Suspension and a batch of Arps powder -- were deemed substandard. One batch of Metrovan Syrup and N-Vil Injection was also declared substandard, while seven batches of Thorax and Zoned Syrup were found to be unhealthy. 
In the light of lab reports, Drap warns that ethylene glycol levels in Thorax and Zoned syrups exceeded safe limits, prompting a ban on the sale of these batches.