President Alvi lauds national unity amid pandemic challenges

Staff Reporter 02:32 PM, 21 Feb, 2024
President Alvi lauds national unity amid pandemic challenges

RAWALPINDI: Hailing the nation's remarkable unity and the global example it set during the Covid-19 pandemic, President Dr. Arif Alvi urged such collective resolve also to address the pressing issues in the fields of education, health, and the economy.

Speaking at the National Health Summit organized by the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI), President Alvi highlighted Pakistan's exceptional performance in mitigating the pandemic's impact on health and the economy, ranking third globally.

He attributed this success to the concerted efforts and cooperation of the people and stakeholders, underscoring the need to continue such unity in confronting contemporary challenges.

President Alvi underscored the importance of physical hygiene, drawing from Islamic teachings linking it with spiritual purity. He said 90 percent of dental cases and communicable diseases could be addressed through regular tooth brushing and other hygiene practices.

Urging stakeholders and the business community to raise awareness on health issues, including mental stress and population growth, President Alvi proposed using mosques for educating the 26 million out-of-school children. He acknowledged comparative literacy rates in neighboruing countries and cited China's poverty alleviation success through health and education focus.

Emphasizing the importance of prioritizing and maintaining policy continuity with public involvement, President Alvi stressed the need for ongoing collaboration.

RCCI President Saqib Rafique, in his remarks, praised Alvi for being the first head of state to visit the chamber, encouraging business community participation in public health initiatives.