Health expert warns against excessive use of red meat

10:00 AM, 22 Jun, 2024
Health expert warns against excessive use of red meat

KARACHI: Excessive consumption of red meat during and after Eidul Azha can cause or aggravate various health conditions, warns health expert Dr. Asma Tarique, urging people to limit their intake of dishes made from red meat
"A number of patients have been brought to hospitals with complaints of high blood pressure, joint pain, and arthritis after consuming red meat dishes continuously for the last four days," she says.
She observes that many people have large quantities of red meat stored in their refrigerators from Eid celebrations and have been eating spicy red meat dishes for several days. Dr. Tarique advises those with existing conditions such as high blood pressure and uric acid-related issues to avoid further consumption of red meat if they have already indulged in it recently.
She also cautioned against continuous consumption of Bar-BQ dishes, warning that it could also lead to increased blood pressure, arthritis, and other health issues. "While red meat is a good source of protein, which is necessary for the human body, it is important to also include vegetables and pulses in one's diet," she adds.