Health experts urge blood donations by youth 

10:00 AM, 14 Jun, 2024
Health experts urge blood donations by youth 

ISLAMABAD: On World Blood Donors’ Day, health experts encouraged the public, especially the youth, to donate blood during the hot season, emphasizing its crucial role for Thalassaemia children and accident-related patients.
Volunteer and social worker Arsalan Saeed Awan highlighted the need to raise awareness about maintaining a safe and stable blood supply and recognized the lifesaving contributions of volunteer blood donors. 
He urged policymakers to standardize data collection and reporting, and to implement a uniform system for traceability and surveillance of donors in both public and private sectors.
Family Physician Dr. Uzma Hameed says that collecting blood from voluntary donors and employing properly trained staff in blood banks would help minimize adverse events associated with blood transfusions. 
She says that donating blood not only helps those in need but also protects donors from various diseases, including hepatitis B and C, calling for awareness campaigns to promote blood donations.
"Blood flow is of primary importance in the human body, and ensuring the provision of safe blood to those in need is critical," she said.