Kharadar General Hospital now possesses its own Dialysis wing

MN Report 04:43 PM, 20 Dec, 2022
Kharadar General Hospital now possesses its own Dialysis wing

KARACHI: The role of welfare institutions and philanthropists is very important to bring quality medical services within the reach of the common man.  

These views were expressed by Malaysian Consul General Harman Hardianata Ahmad while inaugurating the modern dialysis wing at Kharadar General Hospital.  

He said that inflation and economic imbalance have made it difficult to obtain modern medical facilities worldwide, but the dialysis facility available at highly subsidized rates of Kharadar General Hospital is a great example of service to humanity. On this occasion, well-known social personality Tariq Sufi said that the need for dialysis has increased due to the increase in kidney disease. Along with providing medical facilities, we also have to pay attention to remedying the root causes.  

President of the hospital and well-known industrialist Muhammad Bashir Jan Muhammad said that Kharadar General Hospital has been providing quality medical services to the underprivileged area for the last hundred years at very subsidized rates. Today, while dialysis is not within the reach of the common man, dialysis services at Kharadar General Hospital have been started at extremely low rates with the help of philanthropists.  

Prominent pediatrician and community development leader Prof Abdul Ghaffar Billoo while addressing the event said that Kharadar General Hospital has rendered valuable services to save the lives of mothers and children. And the lives of thousands of people are being improved through modern operation theater, laboratorie, and dialysis

The Chief Executive Officer of the hospital, Dr. Khalid Iqbal, said that the kidney is an essential organ of human life and its failure poses serious risks to human life. Kidney diseases can be avoided only by early diagnosis and healthy activities.  

Consultant Nephrologist Dr Bilquees said that the protection of the kidneys is actually the protection of life. They make it better, but more attention should be paid to prevent kidney failure. Kidney function is severely affected by diabetes and high blood pressure tendencies. Urinary obstruction, swelling, loss of appetite, mental restlessness, vomiting and severe fatigue can be symptoms of kidney failure.  

Meanwhile, Consul General Malaysia Herman Hardayanat Ahmad, Tariqullah Sufi, Muhammad Bashir Jan Muhammad, Professor Abdul Ghaffar Billoo and prominent social, business, medical and other personalities inaugurated the dialysis wing and reviewed the services and appreciated its high quality.