Two more passengers tested positive JN.1 

Press Release 01:16 PM, 16 Jan, 2024
Two more passengers tested positive JN.1 

KARACHI: In a concerning development, two passengers arriving from Jeddah have tested positive for the new Covid-19 variant, JN.1 Omicron, during rapid antigen tests conducted at Jinnah International Airport, according to a spokesperson from the Sindh Health Department.

The individuals in question, a 28-year-old resident of Faisalabad and a 25-year-old man from Malakand, had recently returned from Jeddah, where they underwent the rapid antigen screening upon arrival. Their test results returned positive for the JN.1 variant.

Furthermore, the health department has received results from four additional PCR tests conducted on passengers from the same day, all of which have also returned positive.

This development brings the total count of passengers who have tested positive through rapid antigen tests upon arrival from overseas to 17, with 15 passengers having positive PCR results. Out of these 15 positive PCR cases, two have been confirmed as the new Covid-19 variant, JN.1 Omicron.

All affected passengers have been promptly notified of their test results and have been strongly advised to enter home quarantine immediately, in line with public health protocols.

The number of confirmed JN.1 variant cases in Karachi has now reached 17, raising concerns among health officials about its heightened transmissibility. This has prompted global health authorities to closely monitor and assess the situation surrounding this variant.