SF Conference on Boosting Medical Devices in Pakistan at Pharma Asia

Press Release 01:09 PM, 14 Sep, 2022
SF Conference on Boosting Medical Devices in Pakistan at Pharma Asia


Karachi: Saman-e-Shifa Foundation (SSF) and Easy Health Tech co-organised a conference on Boosting Medical Devices in Pakistan at Karachi Expo Centre. Speakers from leading pharma / medical devices companies, medical and engineering universities, DRAP as regulatory body, not for profit and other organisations deliberated their thoughts as Thought Leadership talks.

Syed Arif Shah, Secretary General Saman-e-Shifa Foundation (SSF) highlighted that SSF is a not for profit organization. SSF’s ultimate vision is to make an enabling ecosystem for affordable health care for humanity. As per research study made, the medical devices market in Pakistan is estimated at USD 500 to 600 million with an estimated growth rate of 15% CAGR over the next five years (2019 to 2023).

Mostly medical devices are being imported from Europe, China, Japan, USA, South Korea and other countries which can be locally produced under licensing arrangements with foreign countries to boost the medical device industry in Pakistan in order to save the foreign exchange and export medical devices to earn much-needed forex.

 In a key note speech by Mr. Javed Ghulam Mohammad CEO/MD of Martin Dow Group enlightened us on Medical Diagnostic market and local manufacturing opportunities for local companies and it is high time local pharmaceuticals come forward for medical devices development in Pakistan.

Dr. Abdul Bari, CEO Indus Hospital & Health Network delivered a global success story on free delivery of health care services to masses all across Pakistan. The story is a clear cut example of where there is a will there’s a way and our best wishes and prayers for Indus Hospital Network for providing free health service delivery to everyone who in need.

Dr. Farhan Essa Abdullah rightly deliberated the audience on ways and means which can be devised to provide health care services to flood-affected people in Pakistan. One in 4 middle-aged adults in Pakistan has prevalent CAD (Coronary Artery Diseases).

NHTPL in Pakistan has already manufactured cardiac stents, successful clinical trials for BMS type stents already completed, clinical trials and double blind trials for DES type stents will be completed soon, such offerings can reduce the cost of cardiac interventions.

Pakistan is approximately spending foreign exchange of over PKR 1.2 Billion per annum for procuring cardiac stents and partially it can be saved by using DRAP-approved cardiac stents without any compromises on patient safety.

Prof. Dr. Shahid Noor, Chairman SSF has offered Dr. Murtaza Najabat of NHTPL all support and cooperation for cardiac stents commercialization at affordable cost. Dr. Qamar Malik, PAF-IAST informed that their Institute of Applied Sciences at Haripur has Pakistan’s first Special Technology Zone and the  industry can avail tax holidays on manufacturing of bio-sciences, bio-technology and other technological products.

Dr. Malik also appreciated the efforts made by Engr. Naeem Khanani of Easy Health Tech and Saman-e-Shifa Foundation for providing such opportunity to meet industry and academia under one roof here. A high powered Panel Discussion on Industry Academia Linkage moderated by this conference director Engr. Naeem Khanani between Chairman SHEC, vice Chancellors and scholars from Universities as part of Academia and Industrialist, Businessmen as part of Industry discussed challenges and opportunities for bridging the gap between Industry and Academia.

 As an outcome of that panel discussion moderated by Engr. Naeem Khanani, concluded that digital health, telemedicine, e-Pharmacy are the innovative health tech products to provide accessibility and affordability not only to urban and suburban communities but also to underserved communities.

Training on Innovation framework to be provided to both industry and academia for positive outcomes. First Pharma City, an export led industrial park in Karachi which can attract up to USD 10 Billion FDI with an increase of additional exports of USD 1.5 to 2.5 Billion per annum from pharma, biotech and medical devices sectors.

Experience Zone at Conference area presented by M/s Easy Health Tech with SSF which showcased medical devices and live performances of Ventilator, Interactive patient simulator, Biosensors based kits and many more medical devices.

Prof. Dr. Syed Shahid Noor, Chairman, Saman-e-Shifa Foundation (SSF) made the following recommendations for boosting the development of medical devices in Pakistan:

1) All applicable Custom duties, taxes and levies for importing machinery and raw materials to produce medical devices should be waived and provide tax holiday to medical devices manufacturing facilities for initial period of 5 years, so that local development can boosted up.

2) DRAP shall facilitate medical device manufacturers on fast track basis and provide Dissemination Seminars with Saman-e-Shifa to industry and academia.

3) Saman-e-Shifa is offering a series of workshops on Innovation Framework for development of Medical devices to ORIC directors at University level as well as to industry.

4) PPMA, Pharma Bureau, HDAP and Saman-e-Shifa to collaborate for boosting medical devices development in Pakistan.

5) First Pharma City as export led Industrial Park will be an key step to attract up to USD 10 Billion FDI, an additional export revenue of USD 1.5 to 2.5 Billion, creation of 10,000 direct jobs and 40,000 indirect jobs, First Pharma City project was presented by Mr. Liaquat Javed, promoted by and Magna Engineering Pvt Ltd should be supported by SEZMC, NIP, BOI and Government of Sindh