Adopting telemedicine is essential: Arif Alvi

MN Report 06:19 PM, 14 Oct, 2022
Adopting telemedicine is essential: Arif Alvi

KARACHI: Arif Alvi, President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, had urged for the adoption of digital technology and telemedicine, as well as the improvement of preventative healthcare, to help the disadvantaged people in underdeveloped areas of the country overcome the mounting healthcare issues they confront.

At Aiwan-e-Sadr, Arif Alvi delivered these statements during a meeting with a group of Global Executives from Siemens Healthineers led by Mr Oley Per Maloy, CEO of the Middle East & South Asia (MESA) Regions.

Arif Alvi emphasised the need to promote the preventive healthcare system by raising awareness about the significance of disease prevention and early detection through the adoption of a healthy lifestyle, which includes observing cleanliness, exercise, eating a balanced diet, increasing the variety of foods consumed, managing tension and anxiety, avoiding smoking and drug use, and seeking medical assistance at the earliest stage of health issues faced by individuals.

Arif Alvi stated that the importance of a healthy lifestyle, taking precautions to prevent sickness, and guaranteeing the early identification of disease or illness must be conveyed to the general population through all feasible communication channels.

He mentioned that developing smart gadgets and software solutions could revolutionise the medical industry, particularly in our nation, where the healthcare system is vulnerable and overcrowded.

Arif Alvi emphasised the importance of developing telemedicine services and using mobile units to deliver education, medical advice, and treatment to the underprivileged sector of society in rural and remote locations who could not afford the high cost of diagnostic and curative healthcare.

Arif Alvi stated the importance of enhancing collaboration with Siemens Healthineers through the exchange of knowledge, adoption of the best practices and skill sets, innovation in the preventive health care system, and the provision of quality, cost-competitive, and affordable health facilities for the general population.

Mr Ole Per Maloy briefed the President on several Siemens Healthineers products earlier. According to him, Siemens Medical Solutions, the parent firm of many German medical technology companies, is Pakistan's biggest provider of laboratory and radiology healthcare solutions.