Diarrhea epidemic feared amid water pollution crisis in Karachi

04:00 PM, 20 Apr, 2024
Diarrhea epidemic feared amid water pollution crisis in Karachi

KARACHI: Diarrhea cases surge as polluted water and unsanitary conditions plague Karachi, raising concerns of an epidemic.

Hundreds of individuals are seeking medical attention daily in Karachi hospitals due to diarrhea-related complications.

According to the Sindh Health Department data, between January and April, over 183,000 cases of diarrhea were reported in Karachi alone. Shockingly, among these cases, 76,402 affected children were under the age of 5, while 90,955 cases were reported in individuals aged 5 and above.

The report further reveals distressing statistics, indicating that dysentery affected 6,938 children under 5 years old, with an additional 9,205 cases reported in individuals over 5 years old, presenting with bloody dysentery.

Cholera, a highly contagious diarrheal disease, also made its presence known, with 37 reported cases during the same period.

In response to the escalating crisis, medical experts have issued advisories urging citizens to prioritize drinking boiled water and refrain from consuming food from outside sources.