NICVD administration could not resume routine OPD

Abid Lodhi 12:37 AM, 12 Apr, 2022
NICVD administration could not resume routine OPD

KARACHI: The National Institute of Cardiology (NICVD) Karachi, the administration could not resume routine OPD despite a decline in coronavirus cases and its related restrictions by the federal and Sindh government. 

The federal and Sindh government had eased covid related restrictions after massive reeducation in cases a couple of months ago. However, the NICVD administration has not been able to restore routine OPD due to unknown reasons. For the last two and a half years, the hospital has been providing treatment to about 200 patients under the token system instead of routine OPD.  

Before the pandemic of the COVID-19, the OPD service was provided to 1,400 to 2,000 patients daily basis. Due to this token system, obtaining tokens has become the most challenging task for patients coming from remote areas of Sindh and other provinces.  

To get tokens, the patients have to stand in line from midnight (02:00 am to 03:00 am), while OPD begins at 09:00 am sharp. The score of patients is sent home without any consultation every day or forced to undergo private treatment in executive clinics.  

The 70-year old Muhammad Ali from North Nazimabad said that getting OPD tokens for routine checkups has become much more difficult for older adults. He added that getting a token by standing in line at two o'clock at night, especially in winter, is a tough job. 

 He demanded that the Sindh government and hospital administration restore routine OPD and abolish the token system.  

Several attempts were made to contact Azra Maqsood, Chief Operating Officer, but she was unavailable.