Hair Transplant Surgery Gains Popularity In Pakistan

admin 10:42 AM, 11 Nov, 2014

The once barren field that was Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s head prior to his exile, caught the attention of thousands across the country upon his return, full of dark, lustrous hair. Hair transplantation facilities and professionals existed in different parts of the country, but the procedure didn’t gain any popularity till people witnessed the results on the Sharif brothers. Hair transplantation surgeons at the time witnessed a positive boom in the number of people, both men and women, who were now interested in having their bald patches covered up.

There are nearly 120 fully equipped hair transplantation clinics across the country today with both, locally and internationally qualified/trained professionals. Pakistan is a popular hair tourism hub as it offers a complete hair makeover using the latest technology and state of the art equipment, at a fraction of standard US, UK or Europe costs for the same procedure. Hair transplant surgeries in Pakistan range from Rs. 40,000 to Rs 100,000 approximately; although some private clinics and surgeons may charge up to Rs. 600,000 for their work as well.

Many people only associate hair transplant surgeries to the head and scalp region. However, surgeons in Pakistan have also performed the procedure on male patients who were previously disappointed with their beard growth. In our northern areas particularly, growing a beard is a norm, and has religious significance for all Muslim men.

Before 2006, people were scared of approaching hair transplant surgeons for treatment due to a number of misconceptions associated with the procedure, including infection spread to the brain and development of cancers. However, after getting inspired by countless actors, political figures, musicians and prominent businessmen who now proudly flaunt their locks, men and women from different parts of the country have sought a permanent solution to the balding problem with hair transplantation. According to Dr Humayun Mohammad, one of the pioneers of the surgery in Pakistan, only about 1000 patients had received the surgery between 2001-2006; a number that has gone up to an astounding 8000 at his clinic alone since 2007.

Another factor that has contributed towards the popularity of the surgery in Pakistan is society, along with its many norms, demands and standards. Both men and women with hair fall or baldness problems face difficulty in tying the knot and meeting potential proposals due to low self esteem and confidence. Appearance, as ridiculous as it may sound, it judged before personality and intellect. It is for this reason that the past few years have seen a rise in the number of females booking appointments with hair transplant surgeons as well.

The field now has tremendous scope in Pakistan and abroad. Our surgeons have managed to win the hearts and heads of countless men and women, and continue to do so with their experience, skill and expertise.