DUHS installs Solar Power System in DMC Campus

admin 12:21 PM, 11 May, 2019
KARACHI: Fossil fuel resources are getting depleted and becoming expensive and out of reach. Therefore the need of the hour is to seriously consider a shift towards renewable sources for catering to our energy requirements.

Pakistan is the ideal country for the implementation of these renewable initiatives because of its tremendous potential in renewable and green power. Pakistan lies in an area of one of the highest solar insolations in the world and has extensive solar resources, suitable for photovoltaic applications.

The Dow University of Health and Sciences (DUHS) is the top medical university of Pakistan that has nearly 3000 employees, including approximately 850 faculty members at present. A vicinity as large scale as Dow requires an ample amount of electrical energy to ensure day-to-day operations. Keeping in view the increasing electricity bills, the DUHS management inclined its interest towards Solar Energy.

In this regard, the DUHS installed a 117kW Grid Tied System on the roof of the academic block. The installed system is expected to produce approximately 173430 kWh/year and will save about Rs3642030 per year in electricity bills and as the unit rates will increase in the near future. This will directly contribute to the institute’s expenditure and increase savings.

The installed system will offset 104058kg of carbon dioxide per year meaning that we will plant 219 trees per year.