Poliovirus detected in three more districts in country

MN Report 04:00 PM, 10 Jul, 2024
Poliovirus detected in three more districts in country

KARACHI: The poliovirus has been detected in sewage samples from three more districts across Pakistan, according to sources. 
The Type-1 Wild Poliovirus was found in sewage lines in Karachi South, Korangi, and Dera Bugti, Balochistan. The samples were collected between June 11 and 13 for poliovirus testing.
The number of positive sewage samples in 2024 has risen to 214 following the detection of these three new samples, sources reported. 
Sampling for polio testing was conducted in the affected districts from June 6 to 11. Pakistan has reported eight cases of poliovirus in 2024 so far.
The National Institute of Health (NIH) confirmed two polio cases, involving a two-year-old child from Qila Abdullah in Balochistan and a three-year-old girl from Karachi Kemari. 
Last year, Pakistan reported six polio cases, with four from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and two from Karachi.
Polio is a highly infectious disease that can cause paralysis, disability, and even death. Vaccination is the most effective way to prevent polio, and Pakistan has been working to vaccinate millions of children under the age of five to prevent the spread of the disease. However, it could not be confirmed whether the affected child had been vaccinated against polio.